Written by Marge Blackman
Song Produced by Sheriff
Mixed and mastered by Sheriff (Damascus media)
Guitars by Marge Blackman, Shallun Sammy and Sheriff
Bass by Sean Friday and Sheriff
Tablas by Shiva Mannick and Denlis on djembe
Video Producer – Viscuña Bros
Director – Joshua Viscuña
Director of Photography – Jonathan Viscuña
Assistant Director – Joseph Visuña
Camera Assistant – Justin Viscuña
Editors – Joshua Viscuña & Ryan Lee Pow (Bolo)
VFX – Alan Lee Pow & Joseph Viscuña
Production Assistants – Lisa-Marie Brown, Halcyon Sealey, Jamie Simmons
Makeup – Tracey Lennard & Ashonda James
Behind the scenes – Olajuwon Scott & Nickelson Williams
Special Thanks – Martika Viscuña, Daena Viscuña, Erin Hassanali and Timmy Mora