Discover new highs with Mandy’s latest video clip and single „High Tonight“.


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Mandy – High Tonight
Release date: 18th of February 2019

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Videoclip by Flashback Media

Special thanks to Stefan van Hooydonck.

Scouring the globe with her own take on Hardstyle, young and energetic Hard head Mandy presents her latest video clip for the latest single „High Tonight“. This video takes you on a journey, sneaking a peek into her personal life as well as the little adventure she takes as she takes to the sky for her latest video clip „High Tonight“. With flashbacks to the Summer of 2018 as she graced many festival stages with her highly energetic performances – to bring that little extra Hardstyle spice.

Enjoy Mandy’s latest Hardstyle video. This is Mandy – High Tonight.