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    Together we are and will always be Victorious! Enjoy Psyko Punkz‘ latest video clip „Victorious“.

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    Psyko Punkz – Victorious
    Release date: 21st of February 2019

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    VIDEOCLIP by The apPARTYment
    Footage provided by Cinematik.
    With thanks to all supporting festivals.


    What could we do
    A strange attraction, deep affection
    We played it cool
    We tried to hide it, but couldn’t deny it
    Carried away
    Against the ocean, more than devotion
    And now we just sway
    Up and down the motion of the waves

    They see us floating
    And think we are broken
    But you know and I know together we’re golden
    Go where the light is
    Darkness behind us
    Now the time is on our side

    We will always rise again
    Even down to the wire
    We will make it through the fire
    We will never fall again
    Even if it’s hard to hold on
    Remember we are grown to be strong
    You and me victorious