Coverversion des Hits von Mr. Mister aus dem Jahr 1985!

(Originalsong am Ende des Beitrags)

Revox – Broken Wings (Official Lyrics Video) TETA

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Teta Making Music 2018

Teta Records proudly presents the new production duo Revox with their first music cut, an exciting new version to the classical hit from the 80’s Broken Wings!
Revox are San Atias and Yoni Tovim, popular DJ’s and music producers from the north of Israel ! Only 21 years of age and already signed on some great International and local remixes with millions of views in Youtube.

Both comes from serious musical background in the family.
San’s father is a singer and his sister is a pianist. At the age of 0 he got his first controller and in time music became a career with countless gigs in Israel to highlights of sets in front of 20,000 people.

Yoni’s father is a musical producer and his mother is a singer.He started playing piano already at the age of 6 and at 14 he started working on Q-Base and developed into Dance and Electronic music.

Their productions flows between deep house to chill house, tropical house to progressive house or any other contemporary style to grab your ears and move your body!

Original von Mr. Mister